Different Types of Boltless Racking System in Malaysia

Boltless racking system Malaysia is some of the time additionally called bolt racking system Malaysia or molecule load up racking system Malaysia. Boltless racking system is regularly a prominent decision for industrial storage applications, since its bolt framework makes assembly a breeze while additionally protecting toughness and skilled limit. At Machmar, not exclusively do we have extensive boltless racking system stock in our yards, yet we are likewise a glad merchant for driving racking system Malaysia maker, South East Asia.

Types of Boltless Racking system Malaysia

Long Span Boltless Racking system Malaysia is the ideal decision when an intense, high limit framework is required. These racks give a solid, practical, and economical answer for your most troublesome storage issues. From industrial to retail storage, Long Span holds it all.

Low Profile Boltless Racking system Malaysia is exceedingly flexible which settles on it the perfect decision for a wide assortment of uses, incorporating use with versatile and mezzanine frameworks. Also, it gives an indistinguishable profile from metal racking system Malaysia at a considerably more economical cost.

Z Beam Boltless Racking system Malaysia joins the best of long traverse and low profile, making a high-limit framework with a position of safety bar. It’s the ideal answer for expand space in the front office or the private alcove.

Rack Supports

Boltless rack bolster sizes we convey incorporate lengths of 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 60″, 72″, and 96″. Sorts of backings in  stock  incorporate Low Profile (single or twofold), Shelf Tie Supports, and Z-Beams.

Rack Posts

Boltless post statures shift from 6′ to 12′. Notwithstanding standard upright posts, we convey Tee Posts and Heavy Duty posts. As usual, don’t  hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists on the off chance that you require help with picking your post choices.

Speedy Assembly

All that you require, dispatched in a smaller package for simple assembly Just tap the boltless racking system Malaysia together with an elastic  hammer—that is all it takes. No nuts, screws, or different clasp are required. In not more than minutes, Boltless Racking system  is prepared to work.