Boltless Racking System – An Overview

By Thomas Teo

Boltless racking systems are widely used not just in Malaysia, but all over Asia – and that is perfectly understandable, given the fact that these versatile and easy to use shelving systems can be assembled in a fast and effortless manner. Moreover, these racking systems are also very easy to adapt to a variety of different settings, and they are the perfect choice not just for commercial and industrial applications, but for various domestic and residential installations as well.

What Are The Main Benefits Of The Boltless Shelving Systems?

The ease of use is undoubtedly the main advantage of these shelving systems – given the fact that they involve no nuts or bolts whatsoever, no special tools are required for their installation. In other words, everybody can set up this type of racking system, even those who do not have any professional experience in the field. Besides this, the boltless shelving systems also tend to be friendlier with the surrounding environment, and they can be easily configured and tailored so that they meet the needs of the environment where they are installed (be it domestic or professional environments, as mentioned above).

These boltless shelving systems also have multiple uses, and they can be easily adjusted and improved as they give the user the chance to build upper aisles whenever needed. A common misconception surrounding boltless shelving systems is that they are not as sturdy, durable or efficient as their counterparts that use bolts and screws, but the truth is that these systems can easily withstand a massive load of up to 500 kg, in some cases. Also, given the fact that they are made of materials of the highest quality, these systems are also durable and reliable in the long run, and they are so versatile that they allow you to optimize them in any way you want. These systems are the perfect choice for business owners who have a limited space at their disposal and who want to make the best of it!

Last, but not least, the boltless racking systems are also very affordable and they are the perfect solution for shop owners (and not only!) who are just getting started and who have a limited budget. There are numerous attachments that can also be added to these racking systems, in order to make them even more versatile and suitable for a variety of different applications!

Why Opt For Boltless Racking Systems From Machmar Industries Sdn. Bhd?

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