Benefits of Gondolas for Displaying Products

By Thomas Teo

Gondolas have been introduced to Malaysia for many years, history tracks back long enough all around the world: they are affordable and designed in such a manner that they allow convenience store owners and supermarket owners to display their products in an efficient and hassle-free way. Today, gondolas can be found in just about any hypermarket, and they have become increasingly popular amongst pharmacies as well – it is not uncommon for business owners can easily order a custom-made display rack, one that not only meets their needs, but exceeds them. These high quality racks are made from durable steel plates that are highly resistant to corrosion and that can display tens of heavy products, without showing any signs of weakness.

Gondolas and shelving systems can be easily tailored and customized, they are available in many different shapes and styles and they are perfect for displaying a variety of convenient goods in a simple and straightforward manner. Designed to be very durable over the years, to have an outstanding load ability, to be flexible and versatile and to provide the business owner with the utmost product visibility at the same time, these shelving systems certainly stand out – besides this, you can easily combine two or more different gondolas, for a continuous display of goods.

Gondolas are just like the boltless racking systems, gondolas are also a great choice for business owners who are forced to restrict their product display to a limited amount of space – these shelving options allow you to save a lot of time and headaches, as you do not need to worry about the fact that some products may be hidden behind others, and that customers may not be able to see them. The unique designs of the gondolas aim to provide the best visibility, no matter if you opt for the free standing ones or for the wall mounted options.

What Makes Machmar Industries Sdn. Bhd. a Leading Gondola Manufacturer in Malaysia?

One of the many aspects that recommend Machmar Industries as a true leader in the field of shelving manufacturing is the fact that it provides a plethora of different gondolas, ranging all the way from convenient store ones to those designed for displaying books or pharmacy goods. Machmar Industries knows that each business is different, and every company has different product displaying needs, this is why it puts a variety of customization options at the disposal of customers – in other words, customers can design their own gondolas and shelving racks, quickly and with minimal effort, therefore they can be sure that the racks will match their office, retail store, bookstore and such.

Established back in 1996, Machmar Industries Sdn. Bhd has supplied thousands of shelving racks, boltless racking systems, store display racks and product display units, and the company takes pride in having obtained numerous professional contacts over the years. Moreover, Machmar Industries has managed to gain in-depth expertise and knowledge in the field of shelving manufacturing, and it can now accommodate just about any need in terms of product display.